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Drummers Focus Newsletter, Sept. 6th 2014

Feature of the Free Humans Project in the Drummers Focus Newsletter


CD Release of the Replacement Killers, /Musicheadquarter March 28th 2013

Review of the Album “Sprite of 906″ of Replacement Killers giving me Co-Producing credits


Drummers Focus Newsletter, January 18th 2013

featuring my career in Nashville


Koelnische Rundschau, May 8th 2012

featuring my career in Nashville


Goldy Locks and band on KTTC, April 18th 2012

With D. A. R. E. in Minneapolis schools helping kids say no to drugs


Goldy lockS on Daytime show performing It’s A Sure Great Day For a Wedding, March 26th 2012

Goldy Locks talks about her career at the Daytime show. Performance starts at 4:40.


Interview with Peter Jameson guitarist and bandleader of the Rebel Surfers

Quote: ” We now have our new permanent drummer Vera Herten. We did our first big show with her last week with Los Straitjackets, and we are just reborn as a stripped-down, lean machine. She was the true missing link we have been searching for.”








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